Pollionnay. Will the centennial linden in Pollionnay be saved?

For 150 years, it has stood proudly in front of the Pollionnay church: the centenary linden, at the top of its 18 meters, is part of village life. It serves as a backdrop for countless photos of weddings or class celebrations. Unfortunately, since 2009, the tree has been sick and its condition has not improved, according to the report of an arboricultural expert appointed by the municipality.

Pollution, drought, parasites weaken it

At first, it was decided to reduce its size by about a third to stimulate it, which is what was done on Tuesday. Severe pruning will be complemented with a treatment based on growth hormones, potash, trace elements and organic fertilizer in the form of regular watering.

“Hopefully it’s enough to save him, but it’s not safe! “, Notify the technicians who came for the carving.

A new audit has been scheduled for the summer of 2 022 to measure the effect of these actions, but the villagers may have to gradually get used to not seeing it in the future.

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