Viry. On the outskirts of the Cyclamens subdivision, the land has been cleared

Created by the municipality in 1973 on communal land, the Cyclamens subdivision, which today includes some sixty individual houses and some 150 inhabitants, has seen neighboring nature regain its rights for some time.

Invasive vegetation

On the edge of private estates, in the western part, towards the La Roche d’Echeleux reservoir, junipers, brambles, boxwoods and even fir trees have gradually replaced what was once a pasture. Every year, this thick undergrowth has become a little more extensive, reaching the properties of individuals.

Informed of the facts, the City Council reacted quickly by cutting, pruning and clearing a strip of land 6 meters wide that extended throughout the entire subdivision. The operation entrusted to David Cussigh, specialist in forestry work, from Vieux d’Izenave (Ain), with the assistance of the municipal technical services, took place on Monday, March 8. A powerful mulcher mounted on the rear of a four-wheel drive forestry machine “shredded” all invasive vegetation in just a few hours, leveling the ground and rocks at the same time. Impressive power and efficiency, greeted to the overall satisfaction of all residents.

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