Swear. Logging on horseback is making a comeback in a small town in the north of the Jura

The sight of the stevedores directing the powerful horses, calmly and with complicity, pleases. And the audience responds by admiring the work of men and animals in a well-regulated ballet. Weighing in at around a ton, the horses are impressive, but they are caressed by children. Stars who are returning to the city, reminding the older ones of a time when horse-drawn skating was an integral part of town life.

For better biodiversity

The sale of wood is an important resource for the municipality and some are concerned about the cost of the method, which is approximately three times the cost of mechanical hauling, which is taxed for a large part of the income from the sale of logs.

However, the municipality preferred this method, despite this additional cost. He wants to abandon the practice of “clean cuts” and return to a natural regeneration that consists of letting the forest develop at its own pace and gradually removing the trees at the end of their growth. It is about compacting the soil as little as possible, avoiding furrows, which allows the passage of horses, unlike drag machines. Therefore, the seedlings are better protected, which will lead to faster natural reforestation. This method also promotes biodiversity, unlike plantations which often refer to only one species of tree.

Towards natural regeneration

Natural regeneration respects the forest cycle, maintains the scrubland that provides the necessary humus and maintains humidity, essential in these times of repeated drought.

Its followers believe that in the long term, the method is not more expensive, because it avoids, after cutting, destemming, plowing, sowing and maintaining the first years of planting. The regional council encourages this practice of skidding, being able to grant a subsidy of € 30 per m 3 skidded on horseback. The municipality of Montmirey-la-Ville will be the first of the municipalities in the region to use this practice and to benefit from the help of the Region.

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