Haute-Loire. Almost 100 kilos of waste collected in one hour of plogging at Polignac

On Saturday morning, it was in Polignac that plogging enthusiasts had an appointment at the invitation of the Fit run sports association for an action with the financial support of the Vacher company. At 11 in the morning, in the town hall, more than thirty participants formed eight groups to walk the trails of the town and near the RN 102.

About twenty garbage bags were filled with 3 to 4 kilos of waste (plastic bottles and cans, cans, a large polystyrene bag, other metal objects, cigarette butts, cardboard boxes, a piece of car door, etc.)

The Fit run sports association will organize one plogging per month this year, initiators (communities, associations and others) are requested to get in touch with it (facebook.com/hostsports).

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