Bâgé-Dommartin. The Agricultural Show stops at the Montepin farm

The peasant world is going through the current health crisis by continuing to produce quality food and goods for the population. True territorial actors, farmers also contribute to shaping landscapes, preserving the environment and the socio-economic fabric of rural areas. Your work is essential.

Traditionally, the International Agricultural Exhibition takes place in late February – early March at the Paris Exhibition Center, Porte de Versailles. It highlights, for a few days, the benefits and agricultural issues.

Three affected farms in Ain

Faced with the cancellation of this event, the Confédération paysanne decided to organize the Le Salon à la ferme operation. Across France, about 200 farms will open their doors, including three in Ain. This operation aims to bring together farmers, elected officials and inhabitants of the same territory to discuss together about the transformations of the peasant world, the expectations of society and the concrete actions to be implemented locally.

The guests were very interested in this event, among them Senator Florence Blatrix, Christophe Greffet and Guy Billoudet, presidents of the communities of municipalities and departmental advisers.

They were joined by Xavier Fromont, departmental secretary of the Confederation and breeder, JM Jay, mixed farming breeder in Bâgé, Dominique Repiquet, former mayor and veterinarian, having worked for many years at the Ministry of Agriculture. Anne and Eric had also invited Mr. Lamberet, the new owner of the Montépin castle, very involved in the castle environment near the Montépin estate.

Anne Storrer introduced the world of peasant agriculture:

➤ Distribute volumes and means of production to allow as many people as possible to access and earn a living with the profession.

➤ Respect nature and the climate.

➤ Ensure good taste and the sanitary quality of the products.

➤ Maintain animal diversity, and so many others …

Everyone was able to express themselves and talk about their experiences. They dealt more specifically with the issue of transmission and installation. Anne and Eric are close to retirement and are very concerned about the problem as they have no buyers in their families.

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