Swear. “We must rid the rivers of our waste”

Six fishermen from the Haut Jura, all traditional fishermen, have decided to unite and advocate for responsible and ethical fishing that aims to conserve fish while respecting the biotope. “Fishing must continue to be more of a hobby than a means of subsistence,” explains Govin Guillot, president of the Haut-Jura carna club association, created two years ago.

“The objective of the association is to continue fishing for predatory fish (walleye, pike, trout, catfish, etc.) but committing to release them without damaging them. During these first two years, they were able to organize several fishing competitions in the Morbier pond. This allows them to publicize their “no kill” method of fishing but also present the techniques for releasing fish in the cleanest way possible. Their basic rules are those of traditional fishermen but they use hooks without barbs to be able to put the fish back in the water in good condition.

Team River Clean Ambassadors

The conservation of the environment is fundamental for the members of this association. Becoming ambassadors for an environmental association like Team River Clean, with priorities similar to yours, seemed natural. In this way, they seek to mobilize a large public in the fight “against the actors at the origin of the pollution of our rivers.”

The subsidiaries of this national association are already present in various departments but not yet in the Jura. In the face of the multitude of residues of all kinds that seriously damage the flora and fauna, “the task is great on the fishing routes.” They invite not only fishermen, but all sensitive people who love nature to collect the polluting waste left by man.

“We are looking for sponsors to finance our bags”

As the major pollution is made up mainly of plastics, the association chose the concept of a bag made from recycled materials. These sturdy, washable and reusable bags are the basic tools of the “cleaners”.

They allow them to be well equipped for cleaning operations. They will be sold for 1 euro to collection partners before being handed over to the active volunteers present for waste collection.

“In the bag there are places to put the name and logo of the sponsors who will accept, thanks to their financial aid, to promote the association. “

Contact: davmanzoni@orange.fr