Chambéon. Collective containers have some success

Since January 1, four containers have been installed in the urban area. A first assessment can be made.

Samuel Alleaume, who runs the multi-service, bar and restaurant, is satisfied: “I have a lot of boxes and junk. I no longer save them. It is hygienic and I save space. “

Georgette Seauve, 82, agrees: “I no longer have a container at home. I make small bags, that makes me a target for walking ”. Stéphanie Bartolomeo is divided: “Okay, but between work, taking care of the house, the children, she adds a restriction. You have to remember to load the garbage ”.

“The garbage collection in front of your house has lived”

However, users are starting to see garbage out there. The city is planning work to improve container integration, but it trusts the civic spirit of the people.

Patrick Mathieu, the mayor, declares: “The collection of trash cans in front of the house is a thing of the past. We should even expect a strong increase in the price of collection, which is structurally in deficit. It is a competition of the community of Feurs en Forez, we will see what will be proposed to us in the future. “

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