Roannais. The prefect gives the go-ahead for six wind turbines in Noës

On January 18, 2021, the prefect of the Loire, Catherine Séguin, signed the prefectural decree that grants the environmental authorization for the installation of six wind turbines in the town of Noës.

This is the only authorization for the future operation of this group of wind turbines by SAS Parc des vents des Noës.

A four-month appeal period

It depends on the renewable energy company Roannaise, of which the Roannais agglomeration is an 80% shareholder and the regional financial company Oser for 20%.

This is an important step in this project, even if it will be necessary to wait until the 4-month appeal period is completed in relation to the prefectural decree.

As for the project to install three wind turbines in Urbise, it is less advanced than that of Noës. The public investigation should take place in the course of this year 2021.

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