I will hum. Large anti-yellow water operation in the Tarare drinking fountain network this Wednesday

For years, Tararians have regularly faced manganese deposits in the water they drink. This element, naturally present in water, colors it. Orange, brown, red … The inhabitants no longer dare to drink it or wash their clothes with it. In an attempt to remedy this, the West Rhone Community (COR) has invested in a network cleanup operation. Delegate Veolia, this Wednesday, March 3, used a technique considered innovative: the company injected air into the pipes to recover an emulsion of particles, including manganese. The operation concerned part of the Saint-Clément route, the rue Jean-Moulin, a part of the Valsonne route and the Croix-Paquet route. Very interested in this process, agents from the Villefranche-sur-Saône agglomeration community were also present at the site.

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