Marche du Velay / Rochebaron. Tires, bottles, waste … the fishing was “good” on the banks of the Loire

On Saturday, the water was only 4 ° C. But dressed in thick overalls, they set off by canoe-kayak from the Pont de Vaures, in Beauzac, to Bas-en-Basset, or about ten miles. Armed with an unwavering motivation to work for the environment, they braved the freezing cold.

A stainless steel sink, metal parts, plastic cans.

“Seven or eight years have passed since we established this partnership with the Rangers,” says Yvan Riffard, manager of the Canoë nature loisirs club in Bas-en-Basset. I lend my canoes twice a year, to mark points that would not otherwise be accessible. And with a group of volunteers, we are going to clean up. “

This year again, “the fishing” was good. Between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., about 15 tires were taken by canoe to the bank, which can be reached by car and then removed from the recycling center. Tires, but also a stainless steel sink, metal parts, plastic cans …

“They had a lot of business,” testifies Jean-Pierre Cizeron, president of the APPMA of Monistrol-Gournier, who stayed on the shore to collect the waste and evacuate it. He adds: “Most have not been expelled recently. Rather, they are things that were muddy and ended up getting up and running after the last floods, sometimes even floods as old as 1980 ”.

As for plastic bottles, which are also found in large quantities, the observation is different: “It is a more recent waste. One may think that they were carelessly thrown on the roadsides, in the gutters, and then the wind returns them to the Loire and its surroundings. It’s really unfortunate, because it could be avoided. “

A new release in three weeks

However, the nature enthusiast remains optimistic: “I see a clear improvement in people’s behavior. When we walk, we see some picking up trash. They walk around with garbage bags and pick up each other’s garbage. There is still work to be done, but it is not so bad anymore ”.

A new departure is planned in three weeks, starting from Chamalières to descend to the Pont de Vaures in Beauzac. “It is important to us to keep the Loire and its surroundings clean,” says Yvan Riffard, who will resume his canoe rental activity in April. But it is also important for walkers. It is important for everyone ”.

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