waste collection is reorganized

In the Villefranche Beaujolais Saône Community of Agglomeration (CAVBS), nine agents of the sanitation and household waste services are currently absent due to their positivity and four have suspended their activity pending the results of the tests, the community announces in a press release.

Consequently, the CAVBS explains that it is “obliged to reorganize the routes concentrating efforts on the collection of household waste in the collective housing sectors.”

“Use of temporary workers”

“All human resources are mobilized to guarantee the continuity of the service, including the use of temporary workers,” the statement read. Coordination with the interested municipalities (Villefranche, Arnas, Limas, Gleizé) is planned in order to provide information in real time according to the evolution of the health situation and its impact on the proper functioning of the services. “

Furthermore, “all measures are taken to guarantee the complete and periodic disinfection of the facilities of the departments concerned and of the collection vehicles used. The teams are delivered with FFP2 masks and work staggered hours to avoid regrouping. Given that this problem that affects all local authorities may change, the CAVBS will not stop providing periodic information on the organization that has started up ”, concludes the CAVBS.