a retired gardener warns about logging in the forest

“The cut is the culmination of a cycle”

Florent Dubosclard, Director of the Jura National Forest Office

In public forests, two scenarios can explain clearcutting. “We can face a decline in forests. When they die, they must be replaced in a unique way, it is an operation that is not dictated by normal forestry management ”, explains Florent Dubosclard, the new director of the ONF du Jura. In normal situations, each forest has a management document called a Forest Management Plan. It contemplates all the interventions that must be carried out in the forest, over 20 years, starting with logging. “We are doing studies to identify the problems and guarantee the condition of the forest. The plan is validated by the prefect ”, specifies Florent Dubosclard. When the stand is young, the ONF cuts some trees to allow others to grow. “Then we harvest the stand that is mature. Either there is a natural regeneration, or the species in place is not suitable and we will replant it. Cuts can be brutal to look at, but they only affect one or more parcels. Cutting is the culmination of a cycle. “

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