Ain. Labalme’s birch sap soon on television

It was in 2016 when Sébastien and Thomas Girod, farmers and children of farmers, lovers of their land and nature, decided to embark on the production of birch sap, creating their small company, Bétula Bio.

Since then, it has not stopped growing thanks to its investments. Convinced that birch sap is a source of benefits, which is scientifically recognized.

65 broadcasts scheduled for March

“We estimate the loss of our turnover at 25% in 2020, during lockdown,” says Thomas. Today we have an identical production to previous years, that is, around 25,000 liters. Our harvest areas are around 25 ha of birch forests, spread throughout our region. This year we have also hired seasonal workers, which is a source of satisfaction for us. “

Always looking for innovations and developments, the two brothers are not short of ideas. “This year we are offering the possibility of placing orders in e-commerce. We are present in a large number of points of sale. Today, online sales have their most ardent followers. But, icing on the cake, what better way to promote a product than advertising, especially if it results in television commercials. “We had contact with M6 who had seen us, and we have 65 broadcasts scheduled for March. It is an effective way to promote birch sap and, through our society, our region. “

More and more sap-based variants

This is one of the latest finds by the Girod brothers. “We are marketing sap composed of floral water flavored with mint and chamomile. Other fragrances are coming ”, they point out. Thomas and Sébastien condition their production in three-liter buckets, for a complete cure, or 1.5 liters for the sap in floral water.

Always concerned about the future of their planet, they have developed a 100% vegetable biodegradable container, which they put on the market this year. “For the moment, it will be 25cl bottles, and we plan to use these containers for full cures. “

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