Saint-Romain-les-Atheux. A “bulky item collection” operation along RD22

Vincent Mounioloux, President of Acca, is happy to finally be able to reschedule this event that had to be postponed last year due to the closure.

After an observation during his walks or hunting trips with his companions, the still too frequent presence of refrigerators, tires, gas cylinders, remains of cars, scooters abandoned in ditches pollute nature (while landfills are less than ten minutes by car).

Partners support this momentum

He chose to organize this event asking for help from nature lovers.

The partners have responded to this noble cause since the Pilat park will provide gloves to the participants, Sictom will provide two containers, the traffic will be regulated to make the area safe, shuttles will be organized from the ERA multipurpose room to avoid the influx of vehicles through RD22, the city council will also be present for this operation.

Actions to increase awareness

A morning that can be done alone or with the family (small children are not recommended), for that you only need to wear good shoes (avoid plastic boots that are too slippery), well dressed and with enthusiasm. The good mood will be there, Vincent promises, a friendship drink will be offered at the end of the morning in the ERA room.

The hunters of this town multiply this type of cleaning throughout the year, clearing forest roads, classifying waste …