Villeurbanne. Soon trees and vegetation on the esplanade of the Rize

The redevelopment of the Rize square, rue Valentin-Haüy, will be the subject of a project in April with an extensive program of plantations. Very frequented by neighborhood families and visitors to the media library, the square is a very mineral space.

Herbaceous plants, shrubs and tree stems will be planted on 750 m² to accompany the seven existing linden trees.

Benches, tables and gardening spaces will be installed to allow the collective practice of gardening to be developed, with the association Incroyables Edibles.

Fight heat islands

The objective is both aesthetic and thermal, revegetation that leads to fight against the “heat island” effect of a dark and waterproof floor. The new landscaping will thus allow the infiltration of rainwater.

In six months, after the work paid for by the City Council (€ 250,000), only 30% of the concrete floor will remain destined to facilitate accessibility.