The Mazet-Saint-Voy. Two civic services are sought in the botanical garden

You are between 18 and 25 years, you are aimez la nature, you are able to invest in a civic service… The Association Environment and Patrimoine propose deux missions volontaires in services civiques du 1er mai au 31 octobre 2021 (six mois) sur le site du Botanical Garden.

The weekly duration of the commitment is twenty-four hours for three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Raise awareness about the protection of biodiversity

The mission of the volunteer team will be to contribute to the preservation of the garden’s biodiversity; participate in the creation of new plots; secure visitor information; participate in garden promotion activities, in particular with schoolchildren and general site maintenance work, etc.

The two civic services will be supervised by a small group of botanical garden volunteers: Christian Grosclaude and Dany Perrier for the botanical part; and Robert Montel for the LPO (Bird Protection League). Didier Escarrat and Corinne Soubeyrand will be his tutors, while Armand Debard, president, supervised everything.

If interested: (Teaching League 43, project partner) or