participate in the Altec Creative Sprint

As part of the “green voice” project, led by the Community of Agglomeration of the Basin of Bourg-en-Bresse (CA3B) in the territory of Bresse, the Center for Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture of the Department of Ain (Altec) is organizing your Creative Sprint for the second year in a row. The event will last for three days, from April 9 to 11. For the occasion, various profiles are sought: mechanics, architects, carpenters, biologists or fans of construction games.

The theme chosen this year is Energy. Participants are expected to develop a “Goldberg machine” (called the Rube Goldberg. This instrument performs a simple task in a deliberately complex way, most often through a chain reaction. The precise association that “applications are individual and they do not require the presentation of a project or specific skills: your motivation is your best ally! ”The machine will be presented during the Village des Dômes, from 5 to 8 May.

From April 9 to 11, in the third place of Ecrin in Bresse-Vallons. Deadline for applications: March 10. Applications at Registration is free but all applicants must be of legal age, be available during the three days of the event and accept the free transfer of copyright for the exploitation of the installation as part of the Village des Dômes.