Saint-Genest-Lerpt. Priority pedestrians at the La Mûre traffic light

Things started in July 2020 with the installation of signs indicating the future installation of traffic lights.

Information taken, must have been “reward lights”: if the driver did not exceed the speed limit, the light remained green, unless requested by a pedestrian using a button that could ask in red and become priority. But obviously this provision also retained by Roche-la-Molière was not legally well established and would even be illegal.

The pedestrian green is the privileged position

The work was completed, it was necessary to turn back, and these lights became “crosswalk protection lights.” They are popular with users of the passage, which has been shifted slightly to face the lower edges, allowing people with reduced mobility to pass unhindered.

How does it work ? Green for pedestrians is the preferred position, which implies red for cars. If we look at the motorist’s point of view, the light is always red.

What must be done to make it green? As soon as you see the red light, you need to stop accelerating, let the car run on its own momentum.

Why ? As soon as your vehicle is detected by the radars that pass the lights, the cycle that turns the cars green is activated, but you have to wait 6 seconds for the pedestrians in the hall to return to the curb.

After these 6 seconds, the RD8 vehicles are given green. It should be understood that these settings are relatively accurate and tricky to configure, this is the third time technicians have traveled to refine them.

It seems that the scenarios chosen by our neighbors are different, if not the opposite.

Speed ​​limited to 50 km / h in this area and up to the Hunter

In Saint-Genest-Lerpt, the most effective approach to putting the car on the green is to let the car come slowly to the traffic light.

On the other hand, with sustainable development becoming the right attitude, it’s a concrete way to get involved, without unwanted braking and, of course, without kicking off the wheels as soon as the green sets.

It is urgent to go slowly, as a reminder the speed is limited to 50 km / h in this area and up to the Hunter.