Mably. The 11th edition of Operation Loire Propre postponed to March 2022

Various associations support them, including the Departmental Committee of the French Hiking Federation. As a volunteer chosen by the latter, Bernard Chomette contributes with hunters and fishermen to the celebration of the meeting point of Mably in the Gravière aux Oiseaux.

Almost 1,400 people took action in 2020

You’re the correspondent for Operation Loire Propre. What is your mission?

“We welcome volunteers. Each of them is equipped with waste collection equipment: plastic bag, gloves, yellow vest. We also serve them a snack before heading to the banks of the river. At the end of the morning, the participants bring their collection and we serve them a snack. We also ensure an increase in the volume collected and the number of volunteers. In 2020, it was the 10th year. “

Did this operation have many emulators since various departments operate along the Loire river?

“Loire Propre is part of the national operation Ríos y Ríos Limpios coordinated by the National Foundation for the Protection of Wildlife Habitats, which aims to clean up nature.

Beyond the Loire River, which pioneered the process thanks to the local initiative of hunters, eleven rivers are now cleared (Allier, Cher, Seine, Vienne, Sarthe, Loir, La Creuse). “

Was Operation Loire Propre affected by the health crisis in 2020?

“The operation was able to develop normally in the Loire department. It was at the beginning of March, just before the first confinement.

Thanks to the synergy of fishermen, walkers and hunters, but also strongly mobilized local communities, the number of points is increasing: 29 collection points that cover the river but also its tributaries (the Coise, the Vizézy and the Aix…). About 1,400 people gathered in the morning with a notable presence of the younger generations at the sites. A real mobilization boost!

The volume of waste collected in the department was estimated at 170 m³ during this morning. “

And the year 2021?

“Due to the unfavorable decision of the Prefecture (linked to the health context), the Federation of Hunters of the Loire has informed us that the clean J’aime la Loire operation cannot be maintained this year. The appointment is made for the first Saturday in March 2022 “.