the development of Led lamps will continue

The town’s public lighting has around 1,200 light points, most of which it is important to control their use and thus limit the energy bill. In these lights, a few hundred are already equipped with LEDs (1), some of which are remotely controlled.

The city touch, a regulation system

“For several years, the municipality has taken environmental measures in terms of public lighting to reduce consumption. At the same time, other actions and studies are being carried out in the different municipal properties in order to control them and reduce their operating costs, ”says Umberto Barbosa, deputy mayor in charge of the Forestry, Agrarian and Energy Transition.

Therefore, low consumption Led lamps will continue to be progressively installed in different parts of the town.

The new equipment is specially equipped with city touch, a management system for public lighting installations. It allows full visibility and control of public lighting. This allows, in particular, to adjust the light according to a desired percentage and to adapt it in different sectors. It is installed on a computer, managed by a speaker.

“The ultimate goal is to provide the entire municipality with Led lamps and for the city touch to regulate the intensity of the light according to the location and need,” adds Umberto Barbosa.

However, this use is not to the detriment of the safety of the inhabitants, the elected officials do not consider in any case to stop the lighting completely, just to adapt, safety being a primary element for them.

Stadium lighting in LEDS

As part of the energy transition, the lighting of the Orindis stadium will be changed. The old lamps will be replaced by LEDs as recently announced by Patrick Dufour, Mayor, when discussing the 2021 projects. The cost of this operation is estimated at 140,000 HT.

Led (1): octoelectric system capable of emitting light when it is crossed by an electric current.

The ultimate goal is to equip the entire city with Led lamps

Umberto Barbosa, Deputy Mayor