Swear. Sandy winds rise over the department

The Jura must stay away from the rains that arrive from the south this Sunday and that must not exceed the south of Lyon. Météo News announces that “the good weather continues this afternoon. “

But as of this Monday, February 22, the sands will reach the department. “We will have a very hazy sky that can turn orange, a bit like the episode that took place two weeks ago, describes Météo News. On the other hand it won’t rain, but the sand settles anyway if it doesn’t rain. “

This episode will run all day on Monday and will remain visible on Tuesday morning. “Then the sand will go more towards central Europe and on Wednesday, the sky will no longer be hazy. “

At the same time, “it’s still very mild,” Météo News predicts that “temperatures will remain between 16 ° and 18 ° through Wednesday. And it will drop over the weekend.”