Swear. 25 kg of dead fish in a pond in Bletterans

When he arrived, as usual, he took a short tour of his almost 1 hectare pond and then began to cut firewood. And that’s when he noticed some dead fish.

“With my boat I recovered three fish with their stomachs in the air: a 9 kg carp, another 6 kg carp and a 3 kg bream. I inspected them carefully and did not see any injuries that could have been the result of an attack by a cormorant or a muskrat. A few days later, I found again 4 walleye from 1.5 kg to 3 kg, also dead, floating on the surface of the pond. “

If the situation starts again, analyze

Apparently no contamination, but maybe other fish are dead and at the bottom of the pond. “In my opinion, the frost has nothing to do with it; it is true that I have many predators but I am completely in the unknown “, commented the octogenarian who loves to recharge batteries in this idyllic place located in the forest where he also developed a vegetable garden a few years ago. .

“Since the death of my wife 3 years ago, I come every afternoon to my pond that I had built in 2003 with a mixture of 500 tons of materials. There is always something to do and, as a nature lover, my spirits lift me up. If other dead fish are discovered, I will decide to carry out analysis and take stock with veterinary services, “concluded Paul Dorey.