Loire. Enclosures for garbage cans have been installed in Maringes

At the request of the CCMDL (Communauté de communes des monts du Lyonnais), the collection of household waste is modified.

In fact, for the sake of the economy, regrouping points are being established in the city.

Many inconveniences are thus avoided

“I wanted something clean. The integration of the landscape seems important to me, ”explains François Dumont, Mayor of Maringes. Additionally, these in-house fabricated enclosures are made of mesh and will eventually be covered with ivy. Depending on the area, some enclosures will accommodate 2 or 4 containers for gray and yellow bags. In addition to the economic aspect, this system will avoid many inconveniences: broken garbage bags, waste that flies away … “

This new collection will change the habits of some inhabitants (outside the town) who will finally no longer have to worry about the day of collection since the containers will be accessible every day.