Riorges. 10,000 salmon eggs deposited in the Beaulieu park incubator to populate the Loire

For the seventh consecutive year, the Loire federation deposited 10,000 salmon eggs for fishing and the protection of the aquatic environment on Friday in the incubator located at the bottom of the Beaulieu Park, on the edge of the Renaison. This operation is part of the project to reintroduce salmon in the Loire River.

These eggs, valued at 1,170 euros, paid for by the public Etablissement Loire, come from the national conservatory of wild salmon in Chanteuges (Haute-Loire). They should hatch in fifteen days and join the Renaison, a tributary of the Loire, a month later.

In 2020 two salmon were seen in the Loire

Of the 10,000 eggs, four survivors are expected to return to their hatching site in five years. In 2020, only two salmon were seen in the Loire.

In addition to the fishing federation, three associations are in charge of the project. These are the Approved Association for Fishing and the Protection of the Aquatic Environment (AAPPMA) of Roanne and its region, the AAPPMA Les PĂȘcheurs de truites du Roannais and the Forez Velay sport fishing club. The city provides the location of the incubator (built by Roannais Agglomeration), as well as support for services.