Saint-Georges-Haute-Ville. Le Montclaret, an unusual place to walk

Montclaret is a site that has been exploited since the end of the 19th century for its basalt stone because it is an extinct volcano. The quarry is deep, elongated with its various layers of rocks of various colors. At the bottom a small lake has formed naturally.

An educational trail to access the site.

To get to the site, starting from a place called Fonvial, an educational trail was created a few years ago. The panels allow you to go back in time and understand the evolution of the place.

At the top of the hill, the view of the depth of the quarry is impressive.

The association Le lys martagon looks after vegetation and dry grass. The martagon lilies that grow in this nature are protected and beautiful. In this natural environment that surrounds the quarry, fauna is also present. Recently, a Grand Duke couple settled in these places. Soon the bees will arrive and settle on a municipal plot.

Here is a pleasant and also educational place for a walk that can interest young and old, and for the bravest, the trails lead to the other extinct volcano of Montsupt.