Lons-le-Saunier. The Compagnie des Triporteurs will start transporting people

Since 2014, the Compagnie des Triporteurs has been helping people in distress, delivering medicines, postal parcels and food purchases to their homes together with merchants in the city. The 2020 winner from the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of the Inspiration Award in social and solidarity economy, can also find and change a gas bottle, as well as bring glasses in the glass bin. The association made deliveries for florists and chocolate makers over the holidays and delivered food to a community. It also operates shuttles for companies, pending the lifting of restrictions.

“A fundamental bond in solidarity”

“We deliver five days a week, from Monday to Friday and fifty-two weeks a year, whatever the weather, with respect for the environment”, explains Marcel Girod, the tireless president of the association that has seven assisted electric tricycles , the last models of which are twin engines. “We participate in home support for isolated people. We are an essential link in solidarity with our elders. “

In 2021, the Compagnie des Triporteurs will launch a new activity: passenger transport. Several projects are on the way, in particular the transport of elderly people, to take them to the doctor for example, or to run errands, or simply to take them for a walk. Ehpad residents would be concerned. There is a public in difficulty, people who do not have a means of transportation who could also be interested in this gentle means of transport, as well as spa guests and tourists in summer. The radius of action would be especially Lons, Montmorot, Perrigny and possibly Conliège. “Rotary has given us a good boost to invest in the right equipment. We could fund a position for this complementary activity. We will see with the mobility branch of the agglomeration ”, concludes the president.

La Compagnie des Triporteurs 30 Rue des Salines Tel.: 03. 84. 47. 07. 61 or 07. 81. 27. 86. 09.