for the FDSEA, “Enough is enough”

“After the separation of the State in several cases and the decision of the mayor of Lyon to impose a meal without meat in the schools of the city, the breeders and farmers of the Rhone are mobilized on Monday, February 22”.

On behalf of the Rhône breeders, the FDSEA (Departmental Federation of Farmers’ Unions) intends, in a press release dated February 19, to protest in particular against a decision by Grégory Doucet, mayor of Lyon to impose “on all city ​​canteens eat a meatless meal for the next 7 weeks at least. “

“Too much is too much! Says the FDSEA du Rhône. The breeders of Rhône are requesting a meeting this Monday with the mayor of Lyon to have an explanation of this imposed menu.”

“All of this is becoming unacceptable and the Covid crisis does not excuse everything!”

“We denounce the failure to comply with the weight recommendations by the City Council when it is assumed that these recommendations keep children in good health. It is necessary to have a nutritionally balanced and diversified meal. We remember that vegetables or legumes are not substitute menus because they do not have the same nutritional value as a piece of meat, we also remember that imposing this menu without meat, every day, discriminates against students who do not have access to meat and for whom noon is the only balanced meal of the day. . “

“All this is becoming unacceptable and the Covid crisis does not excuse everything!” Estimates the FDSEA, before adding: “The Rhône breeders will meet you on Monday in front of the town hall. A mini farm will be set up. And a meat The tasting will be offered in compliance with the health regulations in force obviously. ”See you at 10 am this Monday.