a weekend under the sign of spring sweetness

The milder temperatures of the last days should increase even more on Saturday and Sunday in the Jura, where we expect up to 16 to 17 ° C in the plain. Mountain areas will also benefit from this wave of softness brought by a Moroccan air mass, “with more than 10 ° C”, says Christophe Mertz, meteorologist at Météo News.

The south wind, which is currently affecting the Val de Saône and reaches 70 km / h (85 km / h recorded at the Dole Tavaux station on Thursday at 17 hours), could once again carry Saharan sand, “without ‘ inform this time, in the absence of rain that makes it go down to the ground “, specifies the expert.

This flow (with another 40 km / h planned for Saturday), associated with milder temperatures, will of course reduce the snow cover a little more at altitude.

More than 20 ° C difference in 48 hours

“We should stay above season values ​​at least until Wednesday,” warns Christophe Mertz. This contrasts with the strong morning frosts last weekend, which had caused a significant difference in temperatures at the beginning of the week, even at low altitudes.

“At Dole, we went from -9 ° C on Sunday morning to 13.6 ° C on Tuesday afternoon, a difference of 23 ° C in 48 hours” In the coming days, therefore, softness will prevail and Showers Come back immediately.

“The dry weather is going to last a long time. We will be in high pressure conditions until the beginning of March. “