Recovery. In Yvan, rainwater is used almost to make everything

Firefighters are also starting

Between filling intervention tanks and cleaning vehicles and equipment, firefighters are inevitably heavy consumers of water. In Saône-et-Loire, during the renovations and construction of barracks, the departmental service wanted to assert this concern. These sites are now supplemented by a rainwater harvesting system. Underground cistern, well pump, earthworks and installation, the set does not exceed 10,000 euros of investment.

“Important” volumes of water

To date, of the 60 barracks in the department, around ten are already equipped, including some large ones such as Autun, Chalon or Le Creusot, with 30 m³ tanks. “This resource is used for cleaning equipment, in the barracks, as well as to complement the filling of the intervention tanks”, explains Pascal Friborg, head of the SDIS71 heritage department. “When a truck goes into action in a fire in a garbage can, it only consumes a few hundred liters. Then it is easy to recharge the pump in our systems. “

If the investment is minimal, it is also difficult to measure the extent of the savings made. The number and nature of the interventions vary permanently in the centers, the calculation is impossible. “But it is clearly significant,” concludes Pascal Friborg.