Loire. Sunshine and sweetness before a spring weekend

We will have to wait until Tuesday to see the mercury rise a few more degrees with up to 15 ° C expected during the hottest day in the best exposed sectors. The same happens with Wednesday, before a new step in temperatures for Thursday and Friday where the mercury could rise to 17 ° C but with some small cloudy passages.

The weekend will be spent under a sun that will reign supreme in the sky and with a mercury that will cross the 15 ° C bar without reaching 20 ° C, “except perhaps next Monday,” estimates a forecaster from Météo News , although the deadline is still far away.

February 2020 21.4 ° C should not be reached

The values ​​observed during the very mild episode in February 2020, with 21.4 ° C reached on February 23 in Saint-Etienne, will not be equaled. But after several weeks of gray hair, humidity, and sometimes snow, the return of a spring signal in the sky will make you smile. In case of not taking advantage of the terraces for this light bath, the parks and large spaces must be full.