the fish pond emptied of its water

On Tuesday, February 9, walkers discover in amazement a greenish, humid expanse at the site of the Old Way’s private pond, in the town of Vaudrey.

“The former owner called me, he had never seen it empty, reacts the current owner of the pond, Aimé Epailly. I bought it in 2011, I was completely devastated. It was a long-standing dream. I didn’t set foot there because I’m fed up. “

The water police took note of the damage on Thursday, February 11, and the owner is preparing to file a complaint. “I kept it to preserve the flora and fauna. He was proud to have this pond. “According to him, there were” tons of fish “, including pike and perch, among others. Researchers are considering several ways:” The valves cannot open by themselves, “says a source from the gendarmerie …