Public consultation. Do you want to improve the daily life around you? We follow you!

Do you have ideas, concrete proposals, to improve your living environment? The EBRA group newspapers have decided to give him the floor. Thanks to a partnership with the citizen platform, Le Progrès has decided to give you the opportunity to express yourself, to make your voice heard.

You have 140 posters to present your idea, which should start with “Must.” Whether you live in the heart of a metropolis or in the countryside, whether you are active, retired, cyclist, pedestrian, motorist, your projects interest us. And if you don’t have a specific proposal to make, you can always come and give your opinion on those already formulated, to give them weight if you find them relevant.

Concrete, proximity, realism

We are not talking about changing the world, formulating generalist proposals, great ideas. Obviously, we all want peace in the world, the end of racism or poverty. But here it is about being in concrete proximity and in everyday life. Actions that are within our reach, such as the initiatives that we broadcast every month in our supplement “Here we act! “.

Because these citizen proposals can, should, lead to achievements, we are committed to transmitting the most shared, the most realistic. Talking to decision makers and public authorities, producing and publishing reports to highlight citizens who want to participate in the transformation of our daily lives.

Our consultation is organized with the independent and non-partisan platform Anyone can participate and be informed of the results. A weekly summary will be posted on our site for the duration of this operation.

You can also participate if you are an organization

Do you want to speak on behalf of an organization (company, association, institution)? Present your proposals and your positions? Send a request to create an organization account to, stating the following:

The email address to which you want to attach this account, the name of your organization, the name and first name of the contact in charge of the matter, a brief description of your organization (450 characters maximum), an Internet address that makes reference to one of your media (site or social network).

Once your account is created, you will receive an email with your login details, then you can start suggesting and voting.

It’s up to you to speak up!