the call to order, a mayor’s tool to fight rudeness

It is a precautionary measure directed by the mayor against a minor or adult who has committed acts likely to undermine security, serenity and public health in the municipality.

An essential tool to establish the authority of the mayor

However, faced with a resurgence of lack of civility and degradation in Saint-Romain-la-Motte, Mayor Gilbert Varrenne wanted to intensify this resource to call for order through a convention on the protocol for the application of this procedure with the Roanne Prosecutor. , Abdelkrim Grini.

On Tuesday, in the presence of deputies Alain Bletterie and Chantal Paire, and Sylvie Bas, municipal councilor, Gilbert Varrenne and Abdelkrim Grini signed the agreement with the Roanne Prosecutor’s Office, a measure that allows the mayor to name the identified author of the disturbance in the municipality to officially warn you after the approval of the prosecution of the criminal consequences that could then be incurred depending on the situation, by the prosecution.

“The call to order protocol reaffirms what the law says,” says Abdelkrim Grini. It is a fundamental tool to establish the authority of the mayor. We see at our level that more and more young people and also parents have renounced the transmission of values. Thus, in the exercise of the measure of the call to order, I promise that the crime does not go unpunished, and to summon the interested party, if necessary, and that there is a judicial response. The culprit does not have all the power, it is the relevance of this convention. “