Swear. The operation “I adopt a hen in my garden” is launched

The principle of this new project launched by the Jardiniers du Val de Cuisance (JVC) is simple. “By adopting two hens in your garden, you will significantly reduce the volume of your containers and produce good organic eggs for your family,” explains Jean-Louis Jousse.

The project is already well advanced. The association has already requested partners to co-finance the project: cities, comcom, Sydom du Jura, Bourgogne Franche-Comté region, departmental council, organic breeder, seller of poultry accessories, etc.

“The consultation with the different elected officials is very positive,” says the president. The project, which is aimed at the inhabitants of the 66 municipalities in the Heart of the Jura territory, could also be part of the Territorial Food Plan recently initiated by the community of municipalities.

Many arguments in favor of adoption

The arguments for adoption are compelling. Thus, it is explained in the JVC bulletin that “two hens can peck up to 300 kg of food waste per year, which corresponds to a saving of € 50 in the treatment of household waste and 760 kg of CO2 equivalent”, but also that they “can produce up to 460 eggs a year”, which, at a price of € 4.50 per dozen, contributes € 172.

Another argument: “Chickens are a very good educational tool to teach children to assume responsibilities: go looking for eggs, feed the chickens, close the hen house at night, not to mention the great bond that can arise between the child and the child. Hen, this one is a very docile animal that adheres to people. Nor will we forget that “chicken sand is an excellent fertilizer, rich in nitrogenous matter, in particular to enrich compost. “

Several municipalities are already encouraging their inhabitants to adopt chickens.

Grant under conditions

Regarding the operation, the association has everything planned. It will manage the allocation of chickens, financial assistance paid to adoptive families, monitoring and breeding advice.

A first group made up of 30 families will be able to choose between three adoption options:

➤ Supply of two hens and a chicken coop with modest participation.

➤ Supply of two chickens and financial aid for the construction of a chicken coop.

➤ Supply of two hens.

However, as chickens are animals that must be cared for, the allocation will be made after having met the required conditions: consecrated surface, environment, emphasizes the president. The adoption will be made through a letter. Interested persons can now make themselves known to the association that will contact them.

Contact the Jardiniers du Val de Cuisance by SMS at or, or by email at jlou25@gmail.com or l.laubier@gmail.com. Membership fee: € 20.