Panissières. With the museum, a first step towards a zero waste approach

The Forez Est tourist office, as part of its detours, invited the Museum of Ties and Textiles to hold a workshop at the Panissières tourist information office. The participants were able to discover some tips to replace, with cloth accessories, objects of daily use in their kitchen or for the maintenance of their home.

Julie Desnoyer, an animator at the museum, presented for the first time some napkins, damask tablecloths and patched hemp fabric from her collections.

Give a second life to socks, clothes and fabrics

Next, the adults and children made a washable woven sponge using the Japanese tawashi technique and reusable wrap with beeswax (called a bee wrap). The goal is also to give a second life to socks, clothes and fabrics. This workshop gave advice on how to take a first step towards a zero waste approach. This is possible from a young age: the youngest of the participants, Fiona, was 4 years old!

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