Meteorology. 15 centimeters of snow expected in Lyon and the Rhone

The return of the snowball battles? In any case, the flakes will be there this Friday, February 12. From 7 in the morning the snow will fall, first in small quantities and then it will intensify as the day progresses. The snowy episode will end around midnight Friday to Saturday night.

Everywhere on the Rhone, a thick white layer must stick to the ground. “There will be 15 centimeters of snow, without great distances between Beaujolais and the center of Lyon,” explains Frédéric Deckert, forecaster for MétéoNews.

The cold comes for Valentine

And expect to see snow for a few days. Because if dry weather looms for the weekend, the temperatures will stay very low. On Saturday morning it will be -6 ° C on average in the Rhône with peaks of -10 ° C in Beaujolais. The maximum will be around 0 ° C. On Sunday, the highest temperatures announced are 4 ° C. It is not enough to completely melt the snow.

To do this, it will be necessary to wait until Monday, and the return of mild temperatures of between 6 and 8 ° C. On Tuesday, it is even expected that the mercury will rise to 12 ° C. This is how you go from winter to spring in two days .