Brignais. The city council opens a collection point for used anti-Covid masks

When and where to put your masks?

During the opening hours of the Hôtel de Ville reception, 28, rue Général-de-Gaulle in Brignais. There is a hydroalcoholic solution available to disinfect your hands after using the container. Once filled, it will be sealed and stored for at least forty-eight hours, before being treated in Ain by the TEHP (Territory with positive human energy) association. Then everything will be washed at a high temperature and the components will be disassembled at Solid’Aire, near Oyonnax. These fibers will be given a second life, thanks to the textile companies, in connection with Solution Recyclage, Cycl-Add and TEHP.

Recycle masks, how does it work?

The textile materials will be spun and knitted for the manufacture of technical clothing by the companies Billon and Aura Evolution, the recast metal bars and the elastics injected into plastic pieces. This will avoid contamination problems (masks thrown on the street or in the fields, which, remember, are prohibited and subject to fines), while helping to preserve, and even develop, employment in the region.