Haute-Loire. An electric charging station in service in Sainte-Sigolène

Electric vehicle users will now be able to recharge their batteries in the reserved spaces in the terminal located in the Veterans Square parking lot. With a maximum power of 22 kW, this charging station is part of the eborn network. It allows to recharge two vehicles simultaneously. Charging allows each vehicle to recharge 100 km in just 1 hour.

Cost and price

A network subscriber with a card will pay a subscription of € 12, inclusive of tax / year and then will be charged at € 0.264 inclusive of tax per kilowatt hour, while a non-subscriber will pay € 0.37 inclusive of tax per kWh. A package with the monthly subscription will be billed at € 42 including tax with a free charge of up to 250 kWh per month (above this the card subscription fee applies).

How to pay ?

For a non-subscriber, payment must be made by credit card and only contactless or by smartphone (with QR code) through the Internet application eborn.fr. For subscribers from another network, payment will be made by credential creating an account on the site: moncompte.reseau-eborn.fr

The maintenance of the terminal will be in charge of the Departmental Union of Energy of Haute-Loire (SDE43).