Amendment 70, “a regression for disaster victims”

“Amendment 70 will add more difficulties to the victims:” Within the limit of the value of the insured property at the time of the accident, the compensation due to the insured for claims related to differential earth movements after drought or soil rehydration covers the work allowing to put an end to the existing disorders after the event when the appraisal notices an attack on the solidity of the building or a condition of the property that makes it unsuitable for its intended purpose ”. This amendment adds conditions to the assumption of liability for claims and limits compensation, ”wrote the Les Oubliés de la heatonde association in a press release.

The little crack will get big

The problem is that small cracks, which may seem like only cosmetic damage, will likely get worse over time. In fact, the problem lies in the soil and the support of the foundation. If the repairs reimbursed by insurers are only cosmetic, as Amendment 70 seems to allow, they will sometimes evolve to make the home uninhabitable. “In addition, this reform not only does not solve the multiple flaws in the current compensation system that benefits insurers who do not fulfill their role, but also constitutes a setback for the victims,” ​​the association wrote again.

One last chance: the Senate

Its president, Gérald Grosfilley, and the lawyer of the Forgotten of the heat wave, intend to explain this Thursday, to the Ministry of the Interior. They are received at 11 am “On Friday we are also auditioned by videoconference at the Ministry of Economy,” explains the president of the association. Amendment 70 was passed along with the law aimed at reforming the compensation scheme for natural disasters on January 28 by the National Assembly. “The Senate must vote on this law on February 28. It is still possible to remove this amendment. We also ask to meet its president, Gérard Larcher, ”concludes Gérald Grosfilley.