Vandalized Crawler Traps in Ronzey

Installed last year in the trunks of the pines at the entrance to Lake Ronzey, part of the processionary shovel traps for caterpillars were recently vandalized in Yzeron.

Processionary caterpillars can cause serious injury

The purpose of these devices is to prevent possible contact of the caterpillars during their “transhumance” with humans and domestic animals because their stabbing power is very powerful and can cause very serious injuries, even death if attended too late.

Two devices are now destroyed and need to be replaced before the mass caterpillar migration season.

These collar traps consist in directing, from the collecting collar, the caterpillars that descend in procession through the trunk, towards a bag full of soil. Believing they have reached the ground, the caterpillars will produce cocoons within this closed space.

Perfectly ecological facilities

The installation of the traps is particularly meticulous because there should be no possibility for the caterpillars to pass through the collar, in particular avoiding the roughness created by the pine bark.

Perfectly ecological, the traps do not use any insecticides and only require, between each season, the renewal of the soil in the bag and the controlled evacuation of the nymphs trapped at the end of the season.