Damparis. Looking for volunteers to save the frogs crossing the D322

Every year, from February to April, there is a “massacre” that takes place on the roads of the Jura because it is during this period that the amphibians migrate from their wintering area to their breeding area. A migration that often requires crossing roads.

When Dole Environment contacted Delphine Michaud, environment assistant to participate in an action to combat this scourge, she accepted without hesitation. “This is a participatory project that will take place on Friday, February 12, starting at 9 in the morning, on the D322, between the town and Champvans, on the highway bridge. This participatory project consists of placing tarps on the edge of the fields to guide the amphibians towards an already installed underground nozzle. Therefore, we are looking for volunteers. Those interested must register and present themselves when the day arrives with appropriate clothing: boots, raincoat, safety vest and gloves, not forgetting, of course, a mask. “

This action is co-funded by the agglomeration community of Grand Dole and Dole Environment.

Registration with Martine Michaud: or Damparis Town Hall: