Colombier-Saugnieu. New barriers are demolished to pedestrianize the Chemin des Salines

2,600 cars per day chemin des Salines

The narrow and winding Chemin des Salines was opened to traffic because department 29 was saturated during the start and end of school hours, but since the opening of the detour the number of vehicles using the Crémieu road has been divided by 7, while the road The Chemin des Salines counting campaign reported 2,600 vehicles per week during the school term.

If the route offered by the Evessay road is a little longer, it is faster, the traffic lights have been adjusted to adapt them to school hours.

“As far as fools go, video footage and footprints can speak well”

The mayor, Pierre Marmonier, dissatisfied with these degradations expresses his anger “We will continue this experience and as for the Republic street we will analyze the feelings of all and we will propose solutions so that each one finds their interest there. For fools, video images and fingerprints can speak well. “