Metropolis of Lyon. Part of the banks closed due to the Rhone flood

The part of the banks near the Rhone pool is flooded. And underwater, this piece of wood can be particularly dangerous. This Friday, February 5, a runner fell there after a wooden slat filled with water gave way. If his fall did not have serious consequences, the runner alerted the Metropolis, whose road services intervened to see the danger.

As a security measure, this part of the banks of the Rhone, made of wood and which runs along the pool for approximately 400 meters, is closed for the entire weekend and until the river recedes. In the place a detour has been marked for pedestrians and cyclists, through the high platforms.


During this closing period, the damaged part will be repaired and the entire platform will be completely serviced. “Reopening this part of the banks of the Rhone in complete safety for users is our priority. This is an important traffic hub for cyclists with flows of up to 8,000 passages per day, ”explains Fabien Bagnon, Deputy Vice President for Roads and Active Mobility.

For pedestrians and cyclists, caution is required either on the banks of the Rhône, but also on those of the Saone, amid significant flooding and on yellow alert for several days. Some parts of the banks may be submerged.