and now it’s raining sand!

Why does the sand go down?

“The sand was lifted high (…) by strong winds from the south. And when it rains, the sand mixes with the rain, explains a Météonews specialist. This is a phenomenon that is usually observed more in spring or autumn, but it happens that it also occurs in winter. This is called “sirocco”.

These sandy rains, announced at the end of the afternoon from the south of Lyon to the Jura, will settle on the ground. Don’t panic, then, if your car is covered in yellowish dust. And when it comes to snow, the sand that spreads should melt it faster than usual.

The phenomenon is also accompanied by surprisingly high temperatures this Saturday, reaching 17 degrees. This Sunday, the winds will no longer come from the south, but from the west, which should end the observation of this yellow sky.