Paris. TikTok star, this garbage collector campaigns for a clean planet

Addressing a young audience with humor, this 40-year-old militates for a clean planet. And it seems that his messages are being heard: some of his videos have close to 20,000 views.

“Tik Tok is my goal so we can change habits”

Seen by the Konbini channel that dedicated a report to him last month, Ludovic films daily the overflowing garbage cans, the waste that litters the ground and the garbage that inhabits our waterways.

“Tik Tok is my goal for the future and so that we can change habits,” he confided to our colleagues at Konbini.

His speciality? The “before / after” videos through which we discover his work as a garbage collector. And above all its effectiveness.

In order to attract new members of his community, made up mainly of young TikTok fans, Ludovic does not hesitate to play with humor and to act out himself outside of his work.

For example, feet in the water for a “decontamination and pincer fishing” mission.

“Pollution cleaners, polluters, I’m waiting for you,” he tells his subscribers, hoping to rally the crowd.

One thing is certain: every day, Ludovic has new “followers”, inclined to salute his profession, all the more essential in the polluted streets of the Parisian capital.