Rhone. Plants at – 40%: big reduction in stocks this Thursday in Lyon

Good plan alert! The urban garden Plantes pour tous, which recently set up a shop in the Part-Dieu shopping center, is selling its stock and it will be worth it. But be careful, you will only have 24 hours, this Thursday, starting at noon, to dig your plant at a discount price.

Prevent the stock from dying

With a 40% reduction in indoor plants (cacti, tropical plants) between € 2 and € 10 or tall plants from € 15, you will have enough to redesign your living room. And, twice the satisfaction, it will prevent the store from running out of stock, which is no longer accessible since the mall closed.

How does it work ?

We will undoubtedly have elbows. But do not be afraid of the barrier gestures, the sale, of course, is done online. See you at 12 noon sharp, this Thursday, February 4, at the garden center site, to order. Then, you will have to schedule the time to pick up the merchandise, on Saturday, February 6, between 10 am and 5:30 pm, at 10 rue de la Madeleine, in the 7th district of Lyon.

The first to arrive will be the first to be served, so set your alarm. At the Facebook event, more than 1,200 people are already interested.