Rhone. In Lyon, the flood of the Saone does not stop!

Always in yellow. The Saone and the Rhone are still under Vigicrues’ watchful eye.

And for good reason, the Saona continues to rise and could reach, on the night of Wednesday 3 to Thursday 4 February, 4.19 m. Almost four inches more than the last reading taken in Pont-la-Feuillée at 7:30 p.m. this Wednesday. This Thursday it could reach 4.24 m.

This is the so-called central forecast with a low (4.10 m) and high (4.28 m) assumption.

Thus, the docks could still be submerged, as in recent days.

The Rhone is stable

Settling at 2.52 m at 7:30 p.m. M. At Pont Morand, the Rhone is stable and water levels are dropping slightly. Yesterday, he was 2.62 m tall at the same time.