Mantry. Desperately empty, the pond is now closed to fishing.

About twenty years ago an artificial pond was dug at Mantry. It was supplied with water through a small spring and with rainwater. Thus it was possible to have a good time in this place, specially enabled a picnic area. As of April, the villagers could go fishing for 20 euros and 25 euros abroad.

The town replenished the water every year. But after two years of drought and global warming, the fountain has dried up. We had to catch the fish and throw them into another pond. Despite the heavy rains in recent days, the pond does not fill up, the water is dispersed on the ground. That is why the municipality made the decision to close the pond to fishing. According to Jean-Paul Gerdy, the mayor, “the cards did not reimburse the nursery and we had to make a decision.”