hens take their marks in the shared garden space

The SAC (stone soup) has just installed a chicken coop in the shared garden space. The Ecoloupoule association intervened last Monday, February 1 to make the project a reality in rental mode.

Why this choice? A chicken coop is a source of educational and fun activities, but in practice it is complicated and expensive to install, the biggest problem is who will take care of the animals during the holidays. The Ecoloupoule concept responds to the needs of schools and the hens return to the farm during this period. The kit rental includes: a chicken coop according to French standards, two chickens, feeders and drinkers, as well as feed and straw for the first month. Project members benefit from professional advice and start-up, as well as telephone follow-up.

The chicken coop was installed by Mickaël Alvoët and Adriana Marras from Ecoloupoule and will remain in place for a year.

Being ecology the common thread of many activities offered to the children of the SAC, the project is established in this continuity.

The hen, the only predator of the Asian hornet

The children will take the leftovers from the school cafeteria to the chickens and will learn how to take care of them. The youngest will collect the eggs that will be offered to parents and SAC staff.

The hen can peck up to 200 kg of waste and plants a year, an environmentally friendly way to dispose of trash and produce an excellent natural fertilizer for the garden.

The hen is currently the only predator of the Asian hornet.