the Saône and the Seille continue to rise

Normally, Port-Celet in Boz is the favorite place to walk for the locals, but also for visitors who like to dream while watching the Saone follow its very slow current.

This is where the bloom committee opens a boat every year. But the heavy rains these days, as well as the thaw in the regions further north, have increased the waters of the river. And the ship submerged. If we are still far from the flood records, the water continues to rise tirelessly.

The Saona continues to rise

For the fifth day in a row, the Saône continues to rise in Saint-Laurent-sur-Saône. According to the Vigicrues station, installed in Mâcon, this Wednesday, February 3, in the morning the level reached 4.67 meters. The river completely covered the meadow, causing the closure of the road between Replonges and Saint-Laurent-sur-Saône.

This rise in the water level also caused the closure of the D 51, which connects Saint-Laurent with Grièges, and that of the pedestrian path that connects the Saint-Laurent and Mitterrand bridges. On the Bouchacourt quay, the terrace of the Tête de Lard restaurant has disappeared under the water.